About Us

The Feral Cat Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the overpopulation of feral and abandoned cats through free, humane Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

Founded in 1992, Feral Cat Coalition has spayed and neutered more than 50,000 community cats, 24,000 of which surgeries were performed at our stationary clinic Feral and Friends, which opened in 2012.

Since then, FCC has held weekly clinics, striving to fix from 30 to 50 cats per clinic.

You can make a clinic reservation by calling FCC’s hotline toll-free at (855) FCC-CATS or by emailing us.

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Our Employees

Audrey Stratton

Audrey Stratton, Clinic Supervisor
Audrey was born in San Diego and raised in the community of Ocean Beach. She was often found at the beach, inviting herself into people’s yards to play with their dogs or pet neighborhood cats. She has spent almost her entire working career in animal welfare and knew it was her calling. She started working at San Diego Humane Society at the age of 18 and eventually took a position with Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, where she worked for several years. While working at RCHS, she discovered her passion for neonatal kittens and canine behavior. Audrey built the RCHS foster program and spent many years training neonatal kitten fosters. She also spent a lot of time working with undersocialized dogs.

After her time in the shelters, she started working in animal medicine to gain more experience. Nearly 10 years ago, Audrey discovered a massive colony of cats living at a jetty in Mission Bay. She contacted FCC, who teamed up with ECAR and helped her TNR 80 cats and rescue numerous kittens. Together, Audrey and FCC created the “Jetty Cats Project,” a managed colony that now has fewer than 30 cats!

Audrey spent the next five years volunteering with FCC through their spay/neuter clinics and TNR projects. Five years later, she joined the FCC Board of Directors and also accepted the position of clinic supervisor. Audrey is very passionate about the mission of FCC and believes we are the true underdogs in animal welfare.

In her spare time, Audrey is a diehard San Diego Gulls and Anaheim Ducks hockey fan.

Laura Zapico

Laura Zapico, Administrative Coordinator
Laura has been our administrative coordinator since 2012 and has been volunteering with FCC since 2002. She served on the Board of Directors from 2010 to 2015 and helped to open our first Feral & Friends clinic location.

Laura assists clients with spay/neuter reservations and medical appointments, acts as a liaison between FCC and our veterinary partners, and creates instructional documents for clients, staff, and volunteers.

Laura grew up in Redondo Beach and graduated from California State University, Long Beach. She loves beach days, flea markets, and of course, cats.

Kim Guyer

Kim Guyer, Clinic Technician and Shelter Return To Field Coordinator
Kim is a Navy brat who was born in North Carolina but raised everywhere. She moved every three years while growing up. She started school in Oahu, Hawaii and graduated in Key West, Florida. She attended Florida State University.

Kim lives with two dogs and five cats. She has worked in veterinary medicine since 1996. The first cat she ever TNR’d lived in a hole in the wall of a housing unit she lived in while in Panama. After neighborhood kids found the cat and her kittens, Kim had her spayed and then returned her to her home. Kim has since then returned more than 500 cats to their outdoor homes. She has been with FCC for more than four years.

Natalie Harper, RVT

Natalie Harper, RVT, Anesthesia Technician
Natalie has been working for Feral Cat Coalition for more than a year. She has worked in veterinary medicine since earning her RVT license in 2012. She used to work closely with Dr. Sara Ford at VCA Emergency Animal Hospital in the Internal Medicine Department as their coordinator and specialized in small animal diabetes.

Natalie has always had a passion for feline medicine and has found her niche as the anesthesia technician for FCC. She has lived in San Diego for more than 10 years, and this is her favorite city by far.

Her family includes two sassy cats, Peter and Tushi, a sweet pit bull named Chief and a reticulated python named Vandal.

Our Board of Directors

Amber Millen
Audrey Stratton
Jim Hutzleman
Mike Fitzgerald
Sheri Randle