About Us and Our Team

The Feral Cat Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing overpopulation and improving the lives of feral and abandoned cats through free, humane Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) services.

Founded in 1992, Feral Cat Coalition has spayed and neutered more than 50,000 community cats! Over 24,000 of those surgeries were performed at our stationary clinic, Feral and Friends, which opened in 2012.

Since then, FCC has held weekly clinics, striving to fix 30 to 50 cats per clinic.

You can schedule a reservation at our Feral and Friends clinic by filling out our feral/community cat appointment request form.

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Our Volunteers

Feral Cat Coalition is able to amplify our donations and resources into the work of helping exponentially more cats because of the many dedicated human volunteers who contribute countless hours in the Spay/Neuter Clinics, trapping community and feral cats, and serving as trap depot supplies distribution points.

Together, we can all accomplish so much more!

If you would like to be considered to join our Volunteer Team, please complete this application form.

Our Employees

Audrey Stratton

Audrey Stratton, Director of Operations

Audrey was born in San Diego and raised in the community of Ocean Beach. She was often found at the beach, inviting herself into people’s yards to play with their dogs or pet neighborhood cats. She has spent almost her entire working career in animal welfare and knew it was her calling.

She started working at San Diego Humane Society at the age of 18 and eventually took a position with Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, where she worked for several years. While working at RCHS, she discovered her passion for neonatal kittens and canine behavior. Audrey built the RCHS foster program and spent many years training neonatal kitten fosters. She also spent a lot of time working with undersocialized dogs.

After her time in the shelters, she started working in animal medicine to gain more experience. Nearly 10 years ago, Audrey discovered a massive colony of cats living at a jetty in Mission Bay. She contacted FCC, who teamed up with ECAR and helped her TNR 80 cats and rescue numerous kittens. Together, Audrey and FCC created the “Jetty Cats Project,” a managed colony that now has fewer than 30 cats!

Audrey spent the next five years volunteering with FCC through their spay/neuter clinics and TNR projects. Five years later, she joined the FCC Board of Directors and also accepted the position of clinic supervisor. Audrey is very passionate about the mission of FCC and believes we are the true underdogs in animal welfare.

In her spare time, Audrey is a diehard San Diego Gulls and Anaheim Ducks hockey fan.

Dr. Sulani Grindle

Sulani Grindle, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Feral Cat Coalition Medical Director

Dr. Grindle has lived in San Diego most of her life and completed her undergraduate education at UCSD. She has always loved working with animals and wanted to be a veterinarian when she was little, but it was volunteering with Feral Cat Coalition as an undergrad that gave her the extra push to pursue a veterinary degree.

Dr. Grindle saw the huge need for skilled doctors to donate their time to help some of the most neglected and at-risk animals in our society. During her time at The Ohio State University, she pursued extra training in high volume spay/neuter procedures as well as dentistry. She is thrilled to have come full circle to return to the origination that inspired her and splits her time as a high volume surgeon and as a general practitioner.

Her additional training in dentistry has allowed FCC to provide much-needed care for the many cats who come through the clinics with broken teeth and painful mouths. Instead of euthanasia or releasing animals with painful conditions, we are now able to provide a level of care that is unfortunately rarely available for stray and community cats. She hopes to continue to be heavily involved in TNR and looks forward to many years of working together with FCC to provide medical care to the animals who need it the most.

In her spare time, Dr. Grindle likes to garden and talk friends and family into adopting one of her many foster cats.

Wendi Brick, Director of Development 

Wendi joined the FCC as the Director of Development after volunteering for about a year and a half. Wendi has 25+ years of experience in organizational development, process improvement and optimizing customer service. In 1989, she started her career with the County of San Diego’s Department of Environmental Health, and in 1998, she was named the first Customer Service Manager for the County of San Diego. In 2006, she joined the City of San Diego as Director of the Department of Customer Services. Since 2009, Wendi started two consulting businesses, and authored “The Science of Service, Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service.” She continues to consult with organizations around the United States.

Wendi has a Master’s of Science in Public Health/Toxicology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Molecular Biology, both from SDSU. She grew up in suburban NY and has always had animals in her life; cats, dogs, horses, birds, and two foster raccoons. She lives in Escondido with her husband Don, their niece Carly, and their five rescue cats: Pixie (aka The Ferret), Sylvie Sparkles (in the photo), Miso, Kimchi, and Kiefer.

Emily M.Emily M. Volunteer Coordinator and Client Services Representative
Hannah H.Hannah H. Reservations Coordinator
Megan M. Lead Clinic Assistant
Hannah L. Registered Veterinary Technician
Rachel D. Clinic Assistant
Lissie F. Clinic Assistant
Lindsey H. Clinic Assistant
Mary P. Clinic Assistant

Our Board of Directors

Amber Millen
Audrey Stratton
Jim Hutzelman
Mike Fitzgerald
Sheri Randle
Vanessa Hart-Watson