What to Do with Found Kittens

Have no fear! Their mother is near! Mothers are often out roaming for food and resources and are almost always caring for those kittens. For more information, read this information provided by Alley Cat Allies.

Monitor from a safe distance

Monitor from a safe distance where mother cat will not see you. If she has not been seen within six to eight hours, or if the kittens are in immediate danger, carefully place them in a safe and warm box or carrier.

DO NOT GIVE THE KITTENS COWS’ MILK! They cannot properly digest it. If you choose to attempt raising them, we recommend watching YouTube videos from Kitten Lady. She had created videos for nearly every question you may have regarding orphan kittens and how to properly raise them.

Please watch these Kitten Lady videos on raising orphan kittens.

How old are the kittens?

To help you determine their age, please see this aging chart.

A Final Word

Caring for an orphaned kitten can be difficult, and even the most conscientious foster parent may lose a little one. If a kitten dies, the substitute parent should not blame him- or herself.