Here are some comments we’ve received from people who appreciate our work! Thanks to all who commented:

I just came to feed my ferals, and the black kitty that has the head tilt is here and he’s eating up the wet food. He looks so much better. Thank you for everything you did for him. – Val

Thank you so much for all you did for Gizzy Mom. She is doing very well, back to visiting her old haunts and is eating well. I am very thankful. – Karen

I contacted the Feral Cat Coalition, and yet again they came through. I love that the Feral Cat Coalition doesn’t give up on these guys – Sherri

I honestly don’t know what I would have done if not for the incredible information and services provided by the FCC. Thank you FCC!! – John of Aztec Cats

The FCC made it possible to remove a painful, growing mass from my feral cat’s neck. Thank you, FCC!!! – Ra

I’m very thankful to the FCC. They neutered two beautiful ladies, and also pulled out an infected tooth from another feral male. Now they live happy and worry-free of babies. – Grazya

Because of your organization I was able to spay and neuter 12 cats in a colony that developed in my parents’ back yard. Taking care of those cats was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. I am forever grateful that you helped so I could care for them responsibly and prevent more cats from being born on the streets. – Berta

They are compassionate, professional, and all of their services are through donations and volunteers. I appreciate all they have done for our community. -Judy

Feral Cat Coalition loaned me the traps that I needed to capture these cats and bring them in for spay and neuter. All three boys were neutered, treated for fleas, vaccinated, and ears clipped. Mama was spayed, treated for fleas, and vaccinated. The infected eye that was being absorbed into her body was surgically removed. This was the first year that she wasn’t pregnant delivering her babies on the street. – Bonita

FCC helped spay, neuter and provide medical support for nearly 100 cats at the jetty. – Jetty Cats of San Diego

That clinic saved his life. The Feral Cat Coalition removed not one but both of his upper canines. The other one was rotten, it turned out. -Vania

I feed a community cat who has an ear tip. He showed up with a huge abscess on his face! I trapped him and brought him into the clinic, and they gave him a shot of antibiotics and did a wellness exam on him. He recovered beautifully. Without FCC, he would have been in so much pain. -Andrea