Consent Form – Feral/Community Cats

    Important: Before filling out this consent form, you MUST have a confirmed reservation at our clinic.

    Feral & Friends has offered the undersigned an opportunity to have feral cat(s) spayed or neutered, according to the policies of the Feral Cat Coalition. To use our free services, all lines must be agreed to. Please read and check the following boxes:

    I am the caretaker of the feral cat(s) being admitted for surgery. I agree to release the Feral Cat Coalition, Feral and Friends, and their volunteers, agents, and others from any claims of any liability that may arise from the procedures performed on cat(s) admitted for spay/neuter.

    I am aware that feral cats face risks during handling, anesthesia, surgery, and post-operative recovery. The Feral Cat Coalition, Feral and Friends, their volunteers, agents and others will not be held liable should a cat experience complications, injury, escape, or death.

    The attending veterinarian will humanely euthanize any cat deemed to be gravely ill or injured, or that has a medical condition that would make it inhumane to release it back to its colony. Every effort will be made to contact the caretaker before euthanizing a cat, but in some situations, the time constraints associated with a feral spay/neuter clinic may prevent this courtesy.

    I understand that all feral cats serviced by the Feral Cat Coalition and Feral and Friends will receive an ear-tip (up to one-quarter inch cut from the top of the right ear) and a 1/2-inch tattoo on the inside of their abdomen.

    Should any cat or kitten be deemed adoptable by the supervisor on duty, I agree to relinquish it for fostering and/or adoption.

    I agree to pick up the cat following surgery as directed. I understand that if I fail to pick up the cat as directed, the cat may be declared abandoned and will be handled as such. If no contact is made, cats will be held for 24 hours and a boarding fee will be charged. If no contact is made after 24 hours, animal control will be notified that you have abandoned the cat(s), which will result in legal action.

    If I am late for pick-up after the closing time, I will pay a late fee of $1 for every minute that I am late after 15 minutes.

    I will not transport cats in an open truck bed.

    I will keep cats in traps covered completely with a towel at all times.

    This discharge and release of liability is absolute and complete, and covers any liability which may otherwise arise due to complications or errors by any medical personnel or others involved in the procedure on this date as well as on any future clinic date.

    I have carefully read this release, and I fully understand and agree to it.